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The Summer of Horrible Public Divorces Is Far From Over

Photo: istockphoto

Good morning, everyone! Beautiful day, isn’t it? Perfect for reading a smidgen about the ugliest divorce we’ve seen since Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook. Stephanie Lerner, a Manhattan television producer who once wrote a wholesome-sounding book called Kids Who Think Outside the Box: Helping Your Unique Child Thrive in a Cookie-Cutter World, is suing her ex-husband, venture capitalist Mark Lerner, for $25 million. According to Stephanie, Mark had sex with a bunch of hookers while away on business in Asia and brought home “several severe incurable strains of the human papilloma virus” for Stephanie, which have since put her in constant pain and made her unable to work. We didn’t know HPV could do that — but then again we are on a need-to-know basis with our gyno. This is Chris writing this, by the way. Anyway! That’s not the worst of it.

According to the Post, Stephanie says that as she got sicker, Mark told her, “I wish you would just die already.”

Um. Zing? Oh, and a word to Depreciating Assets out there looking for rich husbands: Watch out for this one.


The Summer of Horrible Public Divorces Is Far From Over