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Peter Cook Is No. 1™

No. 1™Photo: Photo-illustration: Getty Images, iStockphoto

Oh, yes, ladies and gentlemen of the non-impartial public jury, it is here. The Brinkley-Cook divorce trial kicks off today in Central Islip, New York, and it should be a good one. Both sides have spent the last few weeks preparing for the showdown: Christie Brinkley, for her part, has subpoenaed the women with whom her ex had affairs and collected computer evidence of Cook being an Internet perv. Cook’s lawyer, meanwhile, has an indisputable ace up his sleeve: a pile of birthday cards.

And in Cook’s war chest, lawyers have amassed letters, cards and published articles that, in Brinkley’s own words, portray Cook as a good father.

That’s right. And if “Happy Birthday Daddy I love you” written in Brinkley’s own neat cursive doesn’t convince them, just wait until the judge sees his No. 1 Dad Mug. It’s not like they sell those to just anyone, you know?

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Peter Cook Is No. 1™