Tim Russert’s Son Luke Eyed for NBC Reporting Gig

Luke Russert

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Luke Russert, son of Tim, is being recruited by NBC for the network’s presidential election coverage. Some of the housewives on The Real Housewives of New York City don’t want Kelly Bensimon joining the cast because she’s “too blond and beautiful and energetic.” (Wonder who supplied the Daily News with that tip!) The Bachelor star Lieutenant Andy Baldwin hit on a bunch of chicks at a party for the film Stepbrothers at the Empire Hotel by regaling them with a story of how he finished a triathlon despite multiple jellyfish stings. And speaking of Stepbrothers, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly want to make a movie about the Medellin drug cartel, but they can’t figure out who’s going to play Pablo Escobar. Ron Perelman rejected ex-wife Patricia Duff’s attempts to settle their clash over custody of their daughter. (Perelman has primary custody; Duff suggested they go into joint therapy.) Joe Francis has been hanging out in the Hamptons dropping the fact that he is Joe Francis to get into parties. Lauren Conrad showed up two hours late to a party she was paid by Svedka to host at Lily Pond in the Hamptons, and proceeded to spend the entire time in the VIP area.

Banking heir Matthew Mellon had a stipulation in a contract with ex-girlfriend and business partner Noelle Reno that he had to pay her $1 million if he ever tested positive for cocaine or other similar drugs. Police are refusing to release video footage of the bar brawl involving actors Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright in Shreveport, Louisiana, though a different cell-phone video allegedly shows Brolin and Wright being unfairly Tasered and pepper-sprayed. Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish double-dated with Nas and Kelis at Villa in L.A. Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine hired a bunch of male strippers dressed as cops to punk tourmates the Donnas. Bill Murray ran into a young blonde woman at a piano bar in Saint-Tropez whom he used to study with at the Sorbonne. Then they totally sneaked back to the hostel and tried to make out quietly, but everybody else bunking in the room totally heard them (okay, so that part didn’t happen — but if they were normal people, it totally would have). Steve Forbes’s daughter Moira is getting married to an Australian doctor. John Mayer is a big fan of Gary Busey’s “Ideas” videos on YouTube. Miami Fashion Week Swim, produced by IMG, was kind of lame because no top models and celebrities showed up. Sienna Miller’s boyfriend, Balthazar Getty, has finally admitted that he is no longer with his wife of eight years, Rosetta Getty. Seth Rogen would like to smoke weed all day.

Tim Russert’s Son Luke Eyed for NBC Reporting Gig