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Tricia Walsh-Smith Accuses Ex-Husband of Giving Her a Taste of Her Own Medicine

YouTube “superstar” Tricia Walsh-Smith is in front of cameras again. After yesterday’s loss in court (which she refers to as a “victory”), she assembled the press at the Palace Hotel to talk more about her troubles. She accused her ex-husband, Shubert Organization president Philip Smith, of interfering with her business relationships, destroying her financially, and inflicting emotional distress. She also alleges that people within his organization have made anonymous threats against her.

Now, rare is the day when we find ourselves in agreement with Andrea Peyser. But today is one of those occasions. The Post columnist was hilariously barred from the press conference yesterday by Tricia and her lawyer. So she called the lawyer, Joseph McCaffery, “an asshole,” an “attack Chihuahua,” a “pony-tailed loser,” and a “lawyer who couldn’t argue the contents of a cereal box.” We don’t know McCaffery, but we agree with Peyser’s words on Tricia. “Give it up, dearie,” Peyser cracks. “Nobody wants to listen to a meowling Brit.”

For Tricia to accuse Smith (without proof, we might add) of threatening her, trying to destroy her financially, and inflicting emotional distress, after she expressly did all three in her public YouTube rants, is just embarrassing and inane. And she knows it: She’s just prepping for a civil suit. If you watch the above video, from, you can actually see that she’s doing her trademark crazy-eyed look on purpose. She’s clearly practiced it. Someone get this woman a VH1 reality show and be done with it. Having her around in the real world has gotten tiresome.

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Tricia Walsh-Smith Accuses Ex-Husband of Giving Her a Taste of Her Own Medicine