Tricia Walsh-Smith Takes On Kathie Lee Gifford

Okay, Tricia Walsh-Smith, that’s enough. We told you our patience was wearing thin with you yesterday when you continued to attack your ex-husband Philip Smith after you lost out in divorce court. And then today, you took your crazy eyes and focused their madness beams on Today host Kathie Lee Gifford. In the above YouTube video, posted this morning, you accuse Kathie Lee of threatening your life on national television. Here’s what you claim:

This morning on the Today show they had an excerpt from my press conference. And Kathie Lee Gifford, a presenter, said that somebody should ‘whack Tricia.’”

Kathie Lee said no such thing. She said that the professional matchmakers that Today co-host Hoda Kotb used to set up a date should “take a whack” at Tricia — as in, try and find her someone new to love.

Now we recognize that Kathie Lee Gifford is fun to mock. She’s funny, she’s outspoken, and one time she accidentally said she had crabs on a live broadcast. She’s a crazy lady, yes. But she’s our crazy lady. And we take responsibility for her. You, Tricia? You’re on your own. We’re not even sure London will take credit for you now.

Not that Kathie Lee needs anyone to defend her. We’d put a grand on her in a catfight any day. We hear she can kill a man at 30 paces using just one well-aimed patent leather pump.

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Tricia Walsh-Smith Takes On Kathie Lee Gifford