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‘Ugly Betty’ Stars Mark Indelicato and Becki Newton Share Pants

Marc Indelicato

The Victoria Beckham jeans in question.Photo: Getty Images

Fittingly enough, it was at the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants premiere earlier this week that we learned that Mark Indelicato, who plays Justin on Ugly Betty, likes to steal from co-star Becki Newton’s closet. He and Becki (who plays Amanda on the show) are the same size, apparently. And they have the same girlish hips! (See picture, left, from the premiere.) They told Jada Yuan all about it.

Becki: Speaking of traveling pants, whose jeans are you wearing?
Mark: Victoria Beckham, from the closet of Becki Newton.
Becki: This is a theme night: Traveling pants, where my pants travel to his closet all the time.
Mark: All the time.
Becki: I need to buy bigger sizes, because there’s no reason we should be wearing the same pants.
Mark: There’s no reason. It’s okay for Becki, but my thighs should not be this small.
Becki: Wrong. People were just asking me, “Are those leggings?” No. These are jeans. I was like, “There’s no reason I should be wearing jeans this tight.” They’re Fried Denim. Do you want them? I’ll give them to you.
Mark: Yeah, I like them.
New York: So you guys will share jeans after this is over, too?
Mark: Forever. I don’t really have to buy jeans anymore, because I’m just like, “Becki these are pretty. I really like them.” Boom, boom.
Becki: Traveling pants. There you go.

‘Ugly Betty’ Stars Mark Indelicato and Becki Newton Share Pants