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‘Ugly Betty’ Watch Begins!

Brooklyn Heights: Boy, they sure lived up to those plans to give over Montague Street to pedestrians on Sunday. Not! Oh, okay, it was its first week. Maybe it’ll improve. [Curbed]

Chelsea: Old-time fabric stores in the city are dropping like flies, but not scrappy True-Mart Fabrics on 25th Street and Seventh, looking the same as when it opened in 1975. [Blog Chelsea]

Dumbo: Ugly Betty will be filming here tomorrow. Yippee! [DumboNYC]

Greenpoint:Not a month after it was bolted to a street sign, a flat wooden statue of a girl, created as a birthday tribute by her artist boyfriend, and instantly enjoying much love in the hood, was chopped in half. [Gothamist]

Greenwich Village: Fashion designer Betsey Johnson put her bright-pink downtown penthouse on the market last fall for $3.6 mil, but no one bit, so she just sold it for about $2.5 mil. She’s moving to the UES to live with her daughter and grandchildren. Awww. [NY Mag]

Red Hook: Wow, Columbia Street has gone from being a total effing mess only last summer to, well, a paved, proper-looking street! And that greenway’s coming along too, though now it’s more of an, uh, gravelway. [Brownstoner]

Williamsburg: Just in case you didn’t know, it is the burg’s old Italians and Puerto Ricans who run the Giglio Feast here every July, not the hipsters, even though they do make up more and more of the crowd every year. [Gowanus Lounge]

‘Ugly Betty’ Watch Begins!