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Where’s Rupert Murdoch’s Wedding Ring?

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Oh no! Rupert Murdoch’s soft squishy hands are naked and vulnerable! The mogul lost his wedding ring out in Sun Valley, Idaho, Reuters is reporting. Apparently, he was wasted.

Murdoch stumbled out of the Lodge bar on Thursday around midnight, where a ridiculously high-powered assemblage of media and tech moguls got sloshed. Instead of making a bee-line for the exit as most of the guests were doing, Murdoch, married to third wife Wendi Deng, was spotted hunting around the lobby. He told us he had lost his wedding ring.

Where could it be? After the jump, some possibilities.

a) Behind the bar, where Rupes was mixing up Snake Piss shots for the gang.
b) Triumphantly on display in Sulzberger’s office.
c) In Sergey Brin’s stomach.
d) In Wendi’s … purse.
e) None of the above, and I’ve put my suggestion in the comments.

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Where’s Rupert Murdoch’s Wedding Ring?