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Will Guiomar Camano Ever Get to See a Game at Yankee Stadium?

Yankee stadium: like a fortress for Guiomar.Photo: Getty Images

A story on the front page of yesterday’s Times surely tugged on the heartstrings of anyone who loves baseball, quirky real-estate deals, or kids. It described a trio of Bronx apartment buildings lining Gerard Avenue and their rooftop views of the field in Yankee Stadium — views that will disappear when the team moves to its new park next season. It was a Timesian bittersweet-slice-of-life story at its best, especially toward the end, when we meet 12-year-old Guiomar Camano, who lives in a one-bedroom apartment at 845 Gerard with his mother, father, and two sisters. From his home, Guiomar can hear the roar of the crowd at the stadium. If he peers through the security gate across from his bed, he can make out some of the seats. He has not, however, ever set foot inside Yankee Stadium. “We plan it sometimes,” the kid is quoted as saying. “But it never really works out.”

What!? If thoughts of Tiny Tim or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are dancing in your head right about now, you’re not alone. Would the Yankees play the part of the curmudgeonly big shot with a heart of gold and offer Guiomar a free ticket or two (he should probably not go to a game unaccompanied)? Would they be caught up in all this end-of-an-era goodwill and do the kid a solid? Would they at the very least sense a good PR opportunity?

As of this moment, the answers appear to be no, no, and no. In an e-mail last night, Yankees media-relations director Jason Zillo said that such an idea was “noy [sic] on the table.” Guess it’s up to some altruistic New Yorker out there, then, to make the little boy’s dreams come true. And with only 32 regular-season home games left in this historic season, the clock is definitely ticking. — Mac Montandon

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Will Guiomar Camano Ever Get to See a Game at Yankee Stadium?