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Aby Rosen Up Against Hamptons’ Most Powerful Resident

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Children of the superrich can usually get away with things. All they have to do is be like, “I’m Chuck Bass” and it’s all good. But this past weekend, two children of developer Aby Rosen drove their ATV into the wrong yard.

Two of the tycoon’s youngsters allegedly sped across fragile dunes and the protected nesting area of the piping plover, a rapidly vanishing bird whose protection has become a Hamptons cause celebre.

Not the plovers! They’re the most powerful players in the Hamptons! They’re only three inches tall, but every summer they take over more beachfront property than Diddy, Martha Stewart, and Howard Stern combined, and a mere sighting of one has been known to shut down beaches for hours. Tangling with them is like tangling with the Russian Mafia — there is no way out but defeat. Not even Rosen could escape facing the music for this one: After he refused to allow police to search his kids’ ATV vehicles for feathers and tiny entrails, they returned with a warrant, and now he’s due to appear in court this September, where he’ll have to hope, like everyone else in his situation, that there are no plovers on his jury.

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Aby Rosen Up Against Hamptons’ Most Powerful Resident