Alex Rodriguez Still Dating Cynthia Look-alikes

Alex Rodriguez Cynthia Rodriguez

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went on a date in Miami with a woman who looked like a younger version of Cynthia, and then with a “tall Asian beauty with good hair” in New York. Both Graydon Carter and John Varvatos had baby girls over the weekend. Hairspray’s Aubrey O’Day told Wendy Williams (whose show was picked up for another season — congrats Wendy!!) that she’s never had plastic surgery. Paris Hilton either got breast implants or is wearing a push-up bra. Michael Lohan tried chatting up Lauren Bush about her uncle’s energy policies at Bridgehampton Polo, but she declined.

Leonardo DiCaprio danced on a banquette with five guys in Vegas, which earned him the title of “worst dancer ever” from a “Page Six” spy. (Seemingly, Andre Agassi can’t dance, either, though he did auction off a private tennis lesson for $60,000 at a charity event in the Hamptons.) Roseanne Barr is pissed at Angelina Jolie for not endorsing Barack Obama yet, mostly because Jolie has a black kid. Wayne Gretzky’s son is battling for the starting QB job against Joe Montana’s son at school in L.A.(Whoever wins will get to throw balls to Will and Jada Pinkett’s son, who plays wide receiver.) Cindy Crawford calls Michael Phelps “family” because they both endorse Omega. Bow Wow, formerly known as Lil’ Bow Wow, is dating Reverend Run’s daughter Vanessa. Danny
says the reason he couldn’t raise money for his film project with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is because the movie, about Haitian independence hero Toussaint L’Ouverture, had no white heroes. Friends of Jennifer Aniston are not thrilled at John Mayer for blabbing to the press about why he ended their relationship. Barry Levinson is teaming with the Creative Coalition to make a movie called POLI-WOOD, shot in part at the upcoming conventions. Alec Baldwin sprained his ankle during a charity softball game and ended up in a medical van. Tila Tequila spoon-fed ice cream to girlfriend Courtenay Semel at some award show in L.A.

Alex Rodriguez Still Dating Cynthia Look-alikes