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We’re Still Being Totally Sexist Toward Hillary Clinton

Also, is there kind of a resemblance, or is it just us?Photos: Getty Images

Have you heard? Hillary is sad she didn’t get the nomination. She thinks it should have been hers. And because she is sad, her supporters are sad — in fact, she is encouraging their sadness with this business about catharsis, the vixen! — and everyone thinks they will likely all vote for McCain instead of Obama. Out of, we guess, spite? How this became the general consensus we’re not entirely sure, since the numbers don’t support it. Maybe it’s because some virulently pro-Hillary folks are commenters on Websites — but who has ever taken commenters for the majority? More likely it’s that everyone knows “women can get really angry,” (as Berger’s friend put it in that episode of Sex and the City), and gosh they can be vindictive and stubborn (women!), and that’s why you must tread carefully around them, as Chuck Schumer did yesterday. “Despite all of us, or many of us, who worked so hard for Hillary, despite our feelings of, ‘Maybe it could have been,’ we know we have a task ahead,” the senator said at a New York breakfast for Clinton supporters yesterday. Then they hugged and cried and ate scones.

This Hillary meme reminds us of another one going around, in celebrity magazine circles, about Jennifer Aniston and how she is heartbroken about the smiley new twins her ex-husband Brad Pitt had with his new girlfriend Angelina Jolie. Jennifer is so sad about the twins. She cried when she saw them. She is DEVASTATED. She wishes it were her. It should have been Jen having the twins! It should have been Hillary getting the nomination! That is what we are led to believe they think.

But really?

We’re kind of not buying that either of them feel this way, that they are these hapless sour victims. We’re not saying that they aren’t emotional, crazed megalomaniacs. They’re famous: Of course they are. But also: They’re famous. They wouldn’t be where they were if they weren’t able to deal with defeat and loss. It’s been like three months since Hillary lost the nomination to Obama. It’s been three years since Jennifer Aniston broke up with Brad Pitt. The idea that they’re both just mooning around, plotting revenge, is nothing less than totally sexist. We think that, honestly, they’re probably kind of over it. We should be, too.

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We’re Still Being Totally Sexist Toward Hillary Clinton