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Barack Obama Hopes for a Michael Phelps Bump, Too

Barack Obama bodysurfing

Photo: AP

Over at Gawker, they’re ogling Barack Obama’s shamelessly spectacular 47-year-old pectorals, but we can’t help but be distracted by another set of photos, from his trip a Hawaiian beach yesterday. Images like the one above, of Barack bodysurfing in the waves, appeared in newspapers across the country. Look at the angle of this one, in particular. It almost evokes all of those swimming pics we see every day of Olympic hero Michael Phelps. Is Barack Obama — like NBC before him — hoping to take advantage of the positive feelings Americans have for Phelps in order to get a bump for himself? After all, it’s not like John McCain is going to be splashing around in the surf anytime soon.

If that’s the case, though, we have a small bit of advice for Barack. When trying to evoke images of Michael Phelps in the water, it’s best not to look like you’re about to drown.

Barack Obama Hopes for a Michael Phelps Bump, Too