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Bloomberg: Tired of McCain and Obama’s Energy ‘Pandering’

Mayor Bloomberg

Photo: Getty Images

Continuing his campaign for Bullshit-Caller-in-Chief, Mayor Bloomberg just told the  office:

And we ought to be getting a real debate on our energy future from our major Presidential candidates. Instead, sadly, they’re treating us to a political silly season, with one candidate calling for opening up the nation’s strategic oil reserves and the other for giving the federal gasoline tax the summer off. For shame — the best that can be said about those ideas is that they’re pandering. Far worse, they’re distractions from the deadly serious business of creating a new national energy policy.

That’s right: Bloomberg has hijacked the Straight Talk Express. Good thing no one is talking about him as a V.P. pick anymore.

Bloomberg: Tired of McCain and Obama’s Energy ‘Pandering’