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Christie Brinkley Always Looks on the Bright Side

Does anyone know the way to Stepford?Photo: Getty Images

During her divorce trial from Peter Cook earlier this summer, Christie Brinkley tormented us by speaking in a special language she seems to have invented, made up entirely of clichés. “I believe that children are the future,” she answered once to a question from a judge. This was almost understandable in court, where Christie was trying to prove her superior morality. But the Daily News ran into her this weekend, long after she won her court case, and she’s still doing it: “This summer I want to just slow everything down,” she told them.

Brinkley said her life right now is “about enjoying time each day with my kids, and about always looking for the bright side and being grateful for what I have.

Now look, softies, we’re not objecting to the sentiment. It’s just the language. Seriously, what is with this woman? It’s like she’s an alien who learned English from Tuesdays With Morrie. Wait: IS SHE?

Christie Brinkley’s chilling out at the beach with her kids [NYDN]

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Christie Brinkley Always Looks on the Bright Side