Cindy McCain Betrays Beer

Cindy McCain

Photo: Getty Images

Cindy McCain sipped sake with some friends at Tao. Charlie Rose says his cameo as Charlie Rose in Elegy was difficult for him because it was all scripted. Donald Trump bought a fancy golf club complete with 90,000-square-foot clubhouse in Colts Neck, New Jersey, for $28 million. Graydon Carter bought the lease to the Monkey Bar, on East 54th Street. Marquee owner Noah Tepperberg is having three birthday parties: one at Marquee; one at Dune, in the Hamptons; and one at Tao, in Vegas. Former supermodel Beverly Johnson is getting work again partly because of the success of Italian Vogue’s all-black-model issue and also because she lost twenty pounds by taking some diet pills. Eben Bronfman, special assistant to the Manhattan D.A., was sucker-punched at a bar in Hell’s Kitchen by lobbyist Bernie Cohen because Cohen was annoyed that Bronfman wouldn’t back someone for a surrogate-court judgeship.

Cece Segarra of the Bronx won an online vote to take the seventeenth and final spot on the Knicks City Dancers’ squad. Friends of Sienna Miller insist that she’s not a home wrecker because she started dating Balthazar Getty after he was already separated from his wife. (Balthazar and Miller are also still dating, despite reports to the contrary.) Seth Rogen claims that his Pineapple Express isn’t a stoner movie, but instead “just a movie about guys who smoke weed.” (Also, James Franco says that the T-shirt he wears in the flick is not a stolen concept.) Morgan Freeman and his wife of 24 years have officially divorced, perhaps because Freeman was with another lady when he crashed his car. Bill Clinton held a meeting with sponsors of his Clinton Global Initiative at the Russian Tea Room last night, though no media were allowed. Candy Spelling, widow of Aaron Spelling, is getting paid $100,000 to write a book.

Cindy McCain Betrays Beer