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Cindy McCain Will Put Herself in Harm’s Way to Make You Feel Welcome

Cindy McCain broken wrist

This is a calcium supplement ad waiting to happen.Photo: Getty Images

Apparently, beer does not make your bones stronger. The above picture shows distributor heiress (and potential Republican First Lady) Cindy McCain brandishing the new cast and sling she’s been forced to wear after an overenthusiastic supporter shook her hand so hard that he sprained it. “We had a great luncheon fund-raiser and I shook hands and it was a very enthusiastic supporter and it got me the wrong way,” she told a crowd yesterday afternoon. “It’s — I’m absolutely great and this is a precautionary thing. So I’ll be fine.” What’s amazing is, this isn’t the first time this has happened! During her husband’s campaign for the presidency in 2000, a different supporter broke her wrist. We always knew Republicans had firmer handshakes than Democrats (because Democrats have limp wrists because they are gay, get it?), but this is ridiculous.

She actually looks like she’s hurting kind of badly in this photo and the other ones we’ve seen. But don’t think she’s a wuss — remember that when stuff like this happens to Cindy, she probably can’t use any prescription painkillers to deal with it. But she sure can accessorize! Loving the cardigan, Cind. Next stop, capelets!

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Cindy McCain Will Put Herself in Harm’s Way to Make You Feel Welcome