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Denver Dispatch: David Brooks’s Avant-Garde Fashion

There’s a gay designer in there, just dying to be
set free!Photo: Joe Hagan

Have you noticed how impeccably David Brooks has been dressing for PBS’s convention coverage? Today he was roaming the second floor of the convention hall looking exceptionally dapper, a purple and white button-down shirt and shimmering blue checked tie amplifying his beautiful tan. We had to stop him.

We’ve noticed how beautifully you’ve been dressing on TV.

My daughter and my mother have given me a lot of shit for these clothes. I’m very proud. They always think the combinations don’t go together.

They’re kind of avant-garde, actually.
My daughter watches America’s Next Top Model and all those shows. She says if I were a gay designer, this would be a perfect ensemble.

Do you have an inner gay designer?
I think I do, actually, yeah. For a right-wing pundit, which is a smaller category, a small subset.

Well, maybe larger than you think.
[huge laugh]

So tell me about your ensemble.
I probably got this at Brooks Brothers, I’m sad to say. It’s like my family business. Wait, why am I doing this? I’m not doing this!

Just let me get a picture.
Okay, but if you humiliate me, I’ll destroy you.

Denver Dispatch: David Brooks’s Avant-Garde Fashion