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Will Talking to the ‘Observer’ Make Analyst Tommy Kim Unemployable?

This is not Tommy Kim, this is, but we
couldn’t use it legally. :(Photo: Getty Images

A lot of laid-off bankers were afraid to give the Observer their names in a feature today on how rad unemployment is, for fear it would make them look like slackers and ruin their chances of finding another job in a notoriously publicity-shy field. But not Tommy Kim, a 27-year-old former UBS banker who was laid off in January. Tommy is “kind of looking” for another job, he explained to the pink paper. (Though “It’s hard to get worked up … because ‘President Bush extended unemployment by another 13 weeks!’” Suh-weet!) Will talking to the Observer hurt his chances for future employment? After the jump, we combined the details he gave to the paper with some information from his MySpace profile in order to make a mock résumé and render judgment. You decide!

Name: Tommy Kim, a.k.a. DJ Twix
Residence: Queens
Star sign: Aries

NYU; Dartmouth, where he was “a well-known D.J.”

Subway Summer 1997
Job description: Sandwich artist.

Capital Trust April 2005–December 2005
Job description: Analyst, real-estate finance.

UBS January 2006–January 2008
Job description: Underwriter, commercial real estate.
Reason for termination? Real estate, hello. “When I got laid off, it was like, hallelujah,” he told the Observer.

General leisure, January 2008–present
Job description: “I stay up late, wake up late, go to the beach a lot. I play a lot of video games when I can’t find people to hang out with.” Other duties include:
• Snowboarding (37 days since January — suh-weet!)
• Paintballing.
• Six Flags–attending.
• Reading, particularly Freakonomics.
• D.J.-ing “a Saturday party at the Brooklyn Museum and a few weddings”
• Organizing “his vast music collection.”
• Break-dancing classes.
• Building a new computer “just for the hell of it.”

Well, we’d hire him. He sounds kind of awesome. Anyone else?

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Will Talking to the ‘Observer’ Make Analyst Tommy Kim Unemployable?