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Dina Matos to Receive No Alimony From Jim McGreevey


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In a New Jersey divorce-court ruling unsealed today, it was revealed that former governor Jim McGreevey will be obligated to shell out only a lump sum of $109,295 to his ex-wife Dina Matos, and $1,075 a month in child support for their daughter, Jacqueline, 6. The larger figure represents half of the couple’s shared investment accounts. Matos will also get a payout from McGreevey’s pension plan, but she’ll have to give him a portion of her own 401K.

After an incredibly public, ugly, and drawn-out divorce battle, both of them will be responsible for their own legal fees — estimated by the Post to be about $500,000 each. That’s by far the largest sum floating around in this whole mess. Matos asked for nearly $1 million, but since McGreevey argued that he only makes $48,000 per year while he is in seminary, the judge ruled him “underemployed.” Judge Karen Cassidy reamed out the pair in her written ruling:

Especially, in a matter as high profile as this, the court was disappointed that much of the testimony, particularly as it related to public figures within the State of New Jersey, and the dirty laundry associated therewith, needed to be aired in the public and in the press … The McGreeveys clearly had agendas. As previously addressed, their anger seemed to override any ability to testify credibly or to be reasonable.”

Those harsh words, and the sting of the small payout McGreevey has to shell out, will probably linger. Until he gets home to the comfort of his super-wealthy financier’s boyfriend’s seventeen-room mansion, at least. After that we’re guessing it will fade.

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Dina Matos to Receive No Alimony From Jim McGreevey