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Does Mary-Kate Olsen Have Something to Hide Regarding Heath Ledger’s Death?

Mary Kate Olsen

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Six months after the death of Heath Ledger, actress Mary-Kate Olsen may have finally agreed to talk to federal investigators regarding her role in the tragedy. She was the first person called by the masseuse who found Ledger’s inert body in January, and instead of calling 911, Mary-Kate famously called her own bodyguards. The Post reports that her lawyer has been avoiding interview requests unless she gets immunity from criminal prosecution. Which the tabloid finds suspicious enough to run the cover headline “HEATH SECRET!” What her secret may be, we have no idea. But Life & Style also noticed some sketchy behavior on the part of the Full House star (what, you want us to call her the Wackness actress?). According to the celebrity weekly, she couldn’t handle sitting through a screening of The Dark Knight, which she happened to attend six months to the day after Ledger’s death on January 22. “It got to be too much for her. She wanted to go unnoticed, but people recognized her and started whispering,” a source told the mag. “Between dealing with Heath onscreen and with everyone around her, she couldn’t take it. So she left.” Which, to be fair, we don’t find that suspicious actually. That movie gave us nightmares for a week and we didn’t even know anybody involved. Ours mostly involved Aaron Eckhart’s beautiful face, but still.


Does Mary-Kate Olsen Have Something to Hide Regarding Heath Ledger’s Death?