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$5 Million Doorman Better Watch His Back

Ray Otero, loser.Photo:

Another dark cloud has drifted into the blue skies above Richie Randazzo. Ever since he won $5 million off a Set For Life scratch ticket, the Park Avenue doorman has been hurtling toward a featured position on E!’s Curse of the Lottery. He lost his job after skipping out on work to go to Atlantic City, his “model” girlfriend was charged with prostitution, and all the while, it turns out, his buddy Ray Otero has been seething with jealousy.

When I heard he won, I got so mad — I said to myself, ‘I can’t believe it,’” Mr. Otero said the other day, recalling how the television crews descended on his friend in a free-for-allish media display. “I spend all that money and the” — unprintable fellow — “wins? It’s wrong. I mean, I’m happy for him. But it really isn’t fair.”

I mean, I’m happy for him”? Dude sounds like a mean girl passed over for cheerleading. Not that we don’t feel for Ray: He lost $30,000 a year on lottery tickets this year alone. Which brings up two questions: How much are superintendents paid these days, anyway, and why doesn’t he just do what a smart girl does: Buy himself a new set of boobs and get himself a sugar daddy? Just asking.

Thousands Later, He Sees Lottery’s Cruelty Up Close [NYT]

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$5 Million Doorman Better Watch His Back