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Dude Blogger Fired, Sent to Equities in Dallas

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Last week 35-year-old Michael McCarthy was fired from his job as a vice-president in equities trading at Citigroup. McCarthy had been moonlighting as Large, the voice behind Take a Report, a frattishly offensive bro blog with a large Wall Street audience. Citigroup spokeswoman Danielle Romero-Apsilos tells us that McCarthy “was terminated for behavior that violated the firm’s code of conduct and policies,” which could mean, oh, roughly, his recent report of coming into the office hung-over:

Stumbled to the Mens Room near the back of my floor and I saw some boxes against the wall just outside of the can. There was a woman’s overcoat laying across the boxes. I think someone left it there to be thrown out. Or maybe someone just left it there to leave it there … I really have no fucking idea. Anyhoo, I grab the coat and bring it into the handicap stall. I take a dump … I throw up in that same bowl … I lay the coat out on the floor of the spacious stall … I take off my glasses … I sleep for twenty minutes on top of the coat…

Or his characterization of Barry Manilow as a “guy with AIDs” or his casual takedown to Rubenesque women or his enthusiastic discovery of “a Canadian fetish model who specializes in latex pictorials” or his seemingly endless collection of photos of blonde twins in bikinis … but it really has to do with the fact that he was putting all these things up via his work computer. For his part, McCarthy doesn’t seem too bothered by being let go — a post that vaguely refers to the firing is headlined “Whoo hoooo 30-day weekend,” and he has been invited to be the featured speaker at the Dallas Security Traders annual convention this year. But he might yet feel the sting from his long-suffering wife, whom he refers to on the site, or from Gawker, which seems intent upon adding him to their pantheon of douche bags. McCarthy isn’t a total jerk, however: His site, which receives more than 1.9 million page views a month, according to Bloomberg, raises money for a military unit in Iraq to provide it with better equipment and also donates proceeds to Wounded Warrior Project, a Jacksonville, Florida–based nonprofit group that helps injured soldiers. Which is more than you can say for the disciples of Denton, whose profits contribute mostly to bolstering the health of the vodka industry.

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Dude Blogger Fired, Sent to Equities in Dallas