Finished With Record-Breaking, Michael Phelps Commences Heartbreaking

Michael Phelps

Phelps and Rice, mid-frolic.Photo: Getty Images

Hottie American swimmer Michael Phelps supposedly sucked face with hottie Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice outside a party in the Olympic Village. Her Aussie ex Eamon Sullivan is said to be “cut up” about it. The New Yorker is working on a profile of Arianna Huffington. Ricky Gervais and novelist girlfriend Jane Fallon bought a $1.66 million one-bedroom condo on Lexington Avenue. Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney are being considered by the Steinbrenners to perform at the closing ceremony of Yankee Stadium. Two waitresses are suing nightlife honcho Scott Sartiano for allegedly firing all the black and Asian waitresses at his club, 1Oak, and replacing them with white girls.

Audrina Patridge of The Hills is a fan of the zero-calorie drink Tava. If next week you remember this factual tidbit and can’t name all of the U.S. capitals, it’s probably time to start rounding out your complete breakfast with a splash of cyanide. Either that, or move to Los Angeles already. The Post’s “Toolbelt Diva,” Barbara K, had to hitchhike to spin class in East Hampton after her car died. Axl Rose and his Guns N’ Roses bandmates had a lot of sex with a lot of girls. Boris Becker sent Rafael Nadal a $2,000 bottle of Krug rosé at Nello Summertimes in Southampton. Damon Wayans hung out with some ladies at Buddha Bar.

Finished With Record-Breaking, Michael Phelps Commences Heartbreaking