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Fred Baron Has a ‘Brief Recollection of Giving Someone Cash’

Fred Baron

Courtesy WSJ

The Times jumps fully into the Edwards scandal today with a front-page story that suggests they, like the Enquirer, believe the former presidential candidate and his close associates are lying liars. Of course they’d never say that! It’s the Times. Instead, they just let Fred Baron, the Edwards supporter who relocated Reille Hunter and her alleged baby daddy, Andrew Young — and maybe also paid the bill for her videos and procured lawyers for them both? — dig his own grave.

I have this recollection of somebody asking me for lawyers in New York, and I remember naming three or four, and he must have been one of them,” Mr. Baron said. Referring to Ms. Hunter, he added, “It was either her who called or somebody on her behalf.”

And on Thursday, Mr. Baron also provided a vague answer to the question of whether he was involved in introducing Mr. Young to Ms. Marple, who represented Mr. Young for a brief time and is no longer involved in the case.

I remember getting a call from Pam and her telling me that she was representing him,” Mr. Baron said. “I may have sent him over there, but on the other hand I may not have. I don’t have an accurate recollection.”

Also, Edwards might have eaten his mind. He’s not sure, though. Can’t recall.

Lawyers’ Ties Hint at Extent of Hiding Edwards’s Affair [NYT]

Fred Baron Has a ‘Brief Recollection of Giving Someone Cash’