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Gay Couples Choose the Bronx, for Some Reason


Eat it, San Francisco: New York City has the largest number of same-sex couples out of any city in America. Most of said couples live in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but the majority of gay couples with children live in the Bronx, of all places.

In contrast, Manhattan’s gay couples are much less likely to have kids. Just 8.5 percent of children in the city’s same-sex households live in Manhattan, despite the borough having 38 percent of New York City’s gay homes, according to a report from UCLA’s Williams Institute.

The Post was determined to find out why, so they went to someone who would know: Gordon Sanchez, a 34-year-old Chelsea waiter. “Most of the gay men in this area are very self-obsessed and only concerned about their careers, the gym and clubs on the weekend. So having children is the furthest thing from their mind.” Duh. Our question is, why the Bronx? We would think that when deciding where to move, the gays would look at a map (like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America) and pick Queens.


Gay Couples Choose the Bronx, for Some Reason