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‘Gossip Girl’ Tragically Disrespected by Website

The offending post.

Sometimes we really hate the Internet. We don’t know how we would ever find directions or where we know that guy-who-plays-that-guy from without it, but often it just feels like the source of all spoil and ruin and badness. Such as today, when Gawker’s Big Gay Richard put up scans from a purloined copy of the script for an upcoming Gossip Girl episode. It was like having a flasher run up and expose himself to you. A big gay flasher. A hairy one.

We have some episodes from the upcoming season on DVD, and you know what? We’re not looking at them yet. Why? RESPECT. Gossip Girl is an experience in which wardrobe and pithy dialogue and music from bands you have just heard of and acting from some of the world’s finest young thespians all come together to form, yes, a work of art, and as in a gallery or a museum, the order of that art is a part of the experience. You wouldn’t just go into the Met and start rearranging the paintings. You wouldn’t just open The Idiot and start reading, would you? Would you, Big Gay Richard? No, because there is clearly a trajectory that needs to be followed. Distilling the greatness of Gossip Girl into black-and-white pellets of colorless dialogue or watching episodes out of turn is nothing short of criminal. Well, maybe slightly short. The point is, we’re not looking at it. Not even the part where Serena and Blair are in a fight again. So there. But here’s a link if anyone else wants to:

Gossip Girl’s Season 2, Episode 5 Script: Dan Humphrey vs. Jay McInerney [Gawker]

‘Gossip Girl’ Tragically Disrespected by Website