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Governor Awesome Spills More Truths, Earns More of Our Love

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David Paterson got a reputation for compulsive truth-telling soon after he took over the post of governor from Eliot Spitzer. His revelations about his pot use and his infidelity — complete with details about where he’d had his affair — made us a little squeamish, but ultimately we were grateful, after everything that had gone down with that lying lie-bag Spitzer. Paterson has quieted down a little about his personal life since then, but he lets loose again in today’s Times, telling them he’s not going to let Albany and the media treat him like a “substitute teacher” just because he came into his post accidentally.

I’ve had to establish in the past couple of months that I’m not the substitute teacher,” he said. “I’m the new teacher.”

Ha! We just know he says that to himself in the shower to psych himself up, and we totally love him for it. Governor Awesome also admits that he’s haunted by the attack ads labor unions and special-interest groups have put on the radio against him.
“I’m a human being. I’m sensitive,” he said. “My feelings can be hurt. “Other people who have been in that situation always tell me it doesn’t bother them,” he added. “They’ve got to be kidding. They’ve got to be kidding! It does bother you.”

Yes! We knew it. Can he also get celebrities to admit that they do read the tabloids and do get upset when they see their cellulite on magazine covers? Because that would be a true public service. End the lies now!

Paterson Says He’s No Pushover, but the Attack Ads Still Bother Him [NYT]

Governor Awesome Spills More Truths, Earns More of Our Love