Guess Which ‘Overboard’ Floozy Is Rielle Hunter

In her earlier incarnations as an actress (when she went by the name Lisa Hunter), Rielle Hunter made a cameo appearance in the 1987 film Overboard. According to Us Weekly, she appeared as one of “Grant’s Girlfriends,” playing a floozy alongside a bevy of other similar beauties sleeping with Edward Hermann during his days away from wife Goldie Hawn. If you don’t remember it from its controversial Oscar loss to The Last Emperor*, you may have caught the film in recent years in its endless rerun cycles on cable. It’s kind of a great movie, actually, even though it did terribly and forced Hawn to stop co-starring with real-life partner Kurt Russell.

Rielle Hunter Thumb

In the above clips you can see the short segments where “Grant’s Girlfriends” are in action. There are brief snippets of each of their faces, but for the life of us we can’t tell which one is Hunter herself. Any guesses? We think she’s maybe the first blonde dancing on the boat deck, but we need your help.

Meanwhile, if we were John Edwards, we would have definitely forced her to wear one of those bathing suits to the bedroom. Or you know, campaign-jet bathroom, or whatever was their thing.

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*Kidding. This is a movie which includes a “hapless cleaning montage” involving a washing machine overflowing with suds, which is a technical disqualifier for any Oscar consideration.

Guess Which ‘Overboard’ Floozy Is Rielle Hunter