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I.M. Pei to Appear in Chinatown

I.M. Pei

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Bay Ridge: Those two cops were not doing doughnuts in their car, nearly hitting kids on a ball field here, police Commish Kelly says. (Locals claim the opposite.) The car was parked on the grass, you see, and they skidded a little bit when they drove away. Well, okay, but … were they eating doughnuts? [NYDN via Curbed]
Brooklyn Heights: The temporary “pop-up park,” where the real Brooklyn Bridge Park will open next year, has been extended through September. You have a whole month more to commune with nature in this grassless, virtually treeless paradise! (But thanks for the yellow and blue umbrellas … they kinda look like, uh, flowers maybe?) [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

Chinatown: Architect I.M. Pei, who is 91 and hardly ever publicly accepts awards, will do just that in December when he’s honored at the opening of the new, bigger Centre Street location of the Museum of Chinese in America. It got $2.2 million from the September 11 fund, Maya Lin designed it, and its view is protected by zoning laws! [Real Deal]

Forest Hills: Okay, people: Who is stealing all the driver’s-side air bags in the Cord Meyer area? (Which, we hear, isn’t a smart place to park your car overnight.) [Forest Hills 72]
Park Slope: Bloomberg says the city should look into totally banning cars in Prospect Park, where cars are already banned except for two hours in the morning and two at night. [NYS]
Washington Heights: Inaugurating a new footpath on the 1848 High Bridge connecting Manhattan and the Bronx, officials said it was the kickoff to a rehabbed, homeless people–free Highbridge Park. But some park advocates say there’s still drug use and messiness there, with not enough dedicated park staffers to make it all nicey-nice. [Metro]
Williamsburg: Pitchfork writer Amanda Petrusich thinks that the hood’s young, scruffly settlers have fetishized its vinyl-sided ugliness the way that bougier folks have fetishized the brownstone prettiness of, say, Park Slope. Amanda, that is a brilliant, piercing observation; you are going places as a cultural critic. [Williamsburg is Dead]

I.M. Pei to Appear in Chinatown