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In Media, Even Death Cannot Stop Nepotism

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NBC gave Tim Russert’s son Luke, who just graduated from college and basically has no qualifications, a job as a “youth correspondent” for the conventions. [FishbowlDC/Mediabistro]

• The Times declines to write an obituary for former Times writer Monique Yazigi, basically telling her family she was not significant enough. Awkward. [Gawker]

• If Obama is the Paris Hilton of politics, then does that make Anderson Cooper the Paris Hilton of TV news? [Mixed Media/Portfolio]

• Lehman Brothers might be taking a page out of Merrill Lynch’s playbook: The firm is trying to unload $30 billion worth of mortgage securities. [NYP]
• Get ready for a showdown. Yahoo chief Jerry Yang is stepping into the ring with his investors today at the company’s annual meeting today. [DealBook/NYT]
• Banks borrowed a record amount of money from the Federal Reserve in the latest week, borrowing an average $17.45 billion per day. “It shows there’s a shortage of liquidity in the system,” one economist says. [DealBook/NYT]

• The story of 15 Central Park West, the highest-priced new apartment building in the history of New York. [VF]
• A year and a half ago, the city proposed closing the Moore Street Retail Market in Williamsburg in order to make way for rental housing. Now the vendors are on the verge of signing a five-year lease. [NYT]
• A Greenwich Village construction worker fell six stories to his death. [NYP]

• The New York office of Dorsey & Whitney will not have a formal summer-associate program in 2009. [Above the Law]
• Who is “Executive A” in the attorney general Andrew Cuomo’s case against UBS? That would be David Aufhauser, the former general counsel to the Treasury Department and the current general counsel for UBS. [Law Blog/WSJ]
• Is it okay for lawyers to have tattoos? [iReport]

In Media, Even Death Cannot Stop Nepotism