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Is Chelsea ‘Too Gay’ for Bike Safety?

Blair and James

Sure, heteros like Blair and James get their own bike path.Photo: Getty Images

Bedford-Stuyvesant: On the hood’s border with Bushwick, there are mysterious botanicas with signs half in Spanish and half in Creole (we think?) where no one ever seems to be working and where both Christian and Buddhist stuff is covered in dust. So cool and eclectic and random! [Bed-Stuy Banana]

Chelsea: It appears that the local community board voted down plans for a physically separated bike path on Eighth Avenue because one member thought it wasn’t gay enough for this gayest of strips. If they designed the planter-barriers to look like Kylie Minogue and Jake Shears, would that convince you to protect bikers from truck death, you moron? [Streetsblog]

East Village: The new security booth at Stuy Town may be made of wood and classier-looking than the old one, but its visibility is kind of sucky and part of an overall decline in security here, contends this newish blog set on making life miserable for newish StuyTown owner Tishman Speyer. [Stuy Town Report]

Melrose South: One of the first buildings erected when the Bronx transitioned from farmland to city, mansard-roofed 614 Courtland Avenue has been beautifully rehabbed after years of decay and is back on the market, part of a citywide trend that’s nearly wiped out vacant buildings. [NYT]
Ozone Park: Some goyim, including Mormons, cleaned up a historic Jewish cemetery overrun with weeds, but it’s still so messy that the grandson of a couple buried there is suing the graveyard’s operator. [Queens Crap]
Park Slope: This “urban” neighborhood is actually a fussy suburb where homeowners bicker over tiny property infractions, writes this author, in a piece that might have had a soupçon of weight in 2002. [NYO]
Sunset Park: At Industry City, a waterfront complex of circa-1900 industrial buildings, artists live in huge spaces for next to nothing, create “sound art,” and gather to watch arty films like gay-porn classics. All with sweet smells coming from the nearby flavor-making factory. Can someone nab us a rent-stabilized unit up in this joint? [Brooklyn Based]

Is Chelsea ‘Too Gay’ for Bike Safety?