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Is Hillary Softening Up — Literally — For the Convention?

Hillary Clinton

Left, Hillary on July 31, and right, on August 8, before and after the Daily News says she got injections.Photo: Getty Images

Rush & Molloy gave New York a little shout-out in today’s column, and raised an interesting question: Has Hillary Clinton gone to a doctor to freshen up her face? From the News:

Clinton visited a New York plastic surgeon early this month and received injections of a “dermafiller” in her face. The senator had appeared tired and wrinkly on a June 23 New York mag cover, but when she made her first solo campaign stop beside Barack Obama in Nevada on Aug. 8, she looked refreshed.

To be fair to Hillary, our cover ran just after Hillary dropped out of the race, which was probably the time when she has been most exhausted in her life. Of course she’s looking refreshed having recovered from that. But on the flip side, after months of having to stare at her face up close on television and in countless newspapers and magazines, who wouldn’t want a little touch-up? (We’d get an entirely new face. Maybe James Franco’s? Or Dakota Fanning’s!) Above, we’ve picked photos of Hillary from before (right) and after (left) the News claims that she got filled out. She does look a little softer in the recent photo, but keep in mind the lighting is obviously different. What do you think?

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Is Hillary Softening Up — Literally — For the Convention?