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Is Obama Dyeing His Hair Gray?

Barack Obama

Obama on July 27, left, and yesterday.Photo: Getty Images

Barack Obama has begun talking about how he’s “going gray” lately, and it’s true — the man’s hair is going silver faster than you can say “Anderson Cooper with a tan.” So fast, in fact, that we have to wonder at the legitimacy of it. Just last month, Obama’s longtime barber said he’d never dyed Obama’s hair darker — implying that the candidate’s youthful color is stress-resistant. But within the last week, the candidate has mysteriously gone nearly fully gray. Look at the above pictures.

We hate to call the effects of age into question, but doesn’t it look like he’s dyeing his hair to look more distinguished?

For most people, going gray is something to be avoided. But not for a guy who is trying to convince voters he is old enough and tested enough to run the country. Just listen to Obama’s rhetoric about his new look: “When I started this campaign people called me a young man,” the candidate said recently. “They’re not calling me that anymore. I’m getting gray hair — running for president will age you quick.” Sure it will. But you’ve been campaigning for eighteen months (much of it against Hillary Clinton, no less!). And you’ve just gone gray in the last week? We’re not sure we buy it. It seems almost like he’s stopped dyeing his hair black or started dyeing it gray. What do you guys think?

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Is Obama Dyeing His Hair Gray?