Ivanka Wants to Bulldoze Into the Book World

Ivanka Trump

Photo: Getty Images

Ivanka Trump wants to write a book, and she wants a $2 million advance for doing so. Ed Westwick made out with some random chick at Lit. Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze are dating. Courtenay Semel and Tila Tequila dirty-danced together at a party in L.A. while Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson laughed at them from the corner. Aretha Franklin supposedly had to be helped out of an event at Russell Simmons’s East Hampton estate by five people because she was “out of it.” Former Real World star Kevin Powell accidentally told a bunch of Orthodox Jews in Williamsburg that he’d “bring home the bacon” if elected to the Tenth Congressional District. Jim McGreevey watched his daughter draw Mr. Potato Head figures at Craftsteak. Former New York Ranger and Vogue intern Sean Avery is dating 51-year-old Kelly Klein.

Some real movie critics are mad that fake movie critic Jeffrey Lyons used his influence to get his fake movie critic son Ben Lyons the departed Roger Ebert’s gig. A bunch of digital-effects artists are demanding that Discovery pay them for work they did on Journey to the Center of the Earth, and they’re asking star Brendan Fraser for help. Mad Men star Jon Hamm says he hates that the show degrades women because he was raised by a single mom and is surrounded by strong women. Kevin Costner awkwardly asked people who got up and left during a screening of his Swing Vote at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, “You’re coming back, right?” Johnny Depp bought Hunter S. Thompson’s private papers. Barack Obama’s “friend” Britney Spears is actually registered as an independent, while Paris Hilton does not “openly discuss politics.” Adriana Lima took a seaplane out to Long Island.

Ivanka Wants to Bulldoze Into the Book World