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Jared Paul Stern’s Dirty Laundry Not Limited to Skull & Bones Overstock

Jared Paul Stern Snoodles

Snoodles, with Jared Paul Stern.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Okay, remember Jared Paul Stern, the former “Page Six” gossipmonger who was seemingly busted by billionaire Ron Burkle for extortion but later had his name cleared? The writer who, after launching a relatively unsuccessful clothing line, went on to launch a relatively unsuccessful lawsuit against Burkle? Yeah, well his troubles aren’t over. Jossip reports that Stern’s wife, Ruth “Snoodles” Gutman, is embroiled in a scandal of both the business and sexual kind. According to the Website, which has court papers, a former colleague of Gutman’s is accusing her of identity theft, computer trespassing, and fraud — relating to an entrepreneurial endeavor involving something called “Bear Paw Hand Cleaner.” (That is so random we can’t even possibly get into it.) He says she tried to scam him out of credit and money for his involvement. The accusations have led to a warrant out for Gutman’s arrest. Which would be bad enough, except that the former co-worker also claims that he had an affair with her. Stern dismisses the accusations against his wife and calls the man, Deane Bebenek, a “stalker.”

The problem with that is, there’s photo evidence of the affair, and Jossip has seen it. Which isn’t a legal issue or anything, but gross. We bet Jossip was just trying to get out of the office for the weekend when all of this fell into their laps. If there’s anything worse than having to deal with obscure news developments on an August Friday, it’s having to look at sex pictures of people who aren’t celebrities.

The Sordid Scandal Behind Jared Paul Stern, His Wife Snoodles, and the Business Partner She Screwed [Jossip]
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Update: Jossip has uploaded the sex photos in question, and they are incredibly gross, as predicted. Like, after clicking through, you’re going to need to use some Bear Paw Hand Cleanser. On your soul.

Jared Paul Stern’s Dirty Laundry Not Limited to Skull & Bones Overstock