Matthew McConaughey’s Mom Sexed His Dad to Death

Photo: Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey’s mother says in her new memoir that his father died while she was having sex with him. Joe Robinette Biden bought a shirt and tie at Thomas Pink. Al Sharpton claims he’s not angry that he was only given a spot at the DNC during a “unity breakfast,” which is not exactly prime time. P. Diddy isn’t using his private jet because “Gas prices are too motherfucking high.”

Celebrities are being told to stay away from Obama at the convention. Sarah Silverman will be in Denver tonight. Jessica Alba, Fat Joe, and Wilmer Valderrama are among those expected at the Voto Latino party in Denver tonight. MSNBC’s pro-Obama reputation is supposedly causing problems between Joe Scarborough, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and David Shuster, and Olbermann is supposedly trying to ban Tom Brokaw from the network. Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker canoodled on a plane to Turkey.

Melissa Leo may be the hardest-working actor in show business. Brad Pitt took photos of him and Angelina Jolie for W because he is an artist. Pastis manager Nelly Moudime models in a 10 Cane Rum ad wearing a bikini and snorkeling goggles. British bikini designer Diana Jenkins had a party where Mary J. Blige sang for James Blunt, Bruce Willis, Owen Wilson, Sophie Dahl, and Jerry Weintraub. Hedge-fund billionaire James Chanos — “Uncle Jim” to hooker Ashley Dupré — bought a $20 million triplex with a “massive master bedroom.” Richard Griffiths lost 80 pounds, while John Waters stays trim by only eating candy and bacon on Saturdays. Philly anchorwoman Alycia Lane goes to court in November. Kate Hudson is being sued over her hair-care line. Richard Price is addicted to writing.

Matthew McConaughey’s Mom Sexed His Dad to Death