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McCain Taps Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for V.P.

Sarah Palin

Photo: Getty Images

John McCain has confirmed that his running mate for the presidential campaign is popular young Alaska governor Sarah Palin. NBC has confirmed that the 44-year-old staunch conservative, who is pro-life and pro–gun rights, will be announced shortly in Dayton, Ohio. Palin has very high approval ratings in her state and describes herself, like John McCain, as a “maverick.” She’ll likely be embraced by the conservative base, but the Obama campaign has got to be rubbing their hands at the moment. She’s three years younger than Barack and has two years less experience on a national level, which will deflate the McCain campaign’s arguments that Obama himself is too green to be elected. Plus, in the vice-presidential debate, she’ll have to face off with Joe Biden, who has been working on foreign policy in the Senate nearly as long as she’s been alive. Conservative pundit Pat Buchanan has already called it the “greatest political gamble he’s ever seen.” This is about to get exciting!


McCain Taps Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for V.P.