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Shea to Sell Off Bleacher Seats at Historic $869 a Pair

David Wright

Photo Courtesy Mets

Yankee Stadium isn’t the only doomed ballpark in the city selling its wares. Slightly-less-beloved Shea Stadium will also be having a demolition sale. The Mets sent out a press release today announcing that plastic stadium seats (they come in blue, red, and green!) will be sold at a price of $869 per pair. From the release:

The limited inventory of seats will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Each seat pair will be authenticated by Major League Baseball’s Authentication Program and affixed with a tamper-proof hologram displaying a unique identification number. Mets season ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase their particular seats before the August 25 general public sale. points out that the organization probably came to the price tag by combining the two years that the Mets won World Series: ‘86 and ‘89. The City Department of Parks and Recreation owns the right to sell the bleacher seats, but the team owns much of the other memorabilia to be sold, like lockers and clubhouse gear. Most proceeds from the sale — even from those items sold by the Mets — will go to the city, though. So next time you sit under a new tree in Central Park, just remember, it may be because some schmuck paid nearly a grand for two red, blue, or green plastic chairs.

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Shea to Sell Off Bleacher Seats at Historic $869 a Pair