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Mysterious Busker Just ‘Happens’ to Serenade Bloomberg

Bloomberg On Subway

Maybe if I pretend he’s not there he won’t ask me for money and make a scene.”Photo: Getty Images

Mayor Bloomberg was taking the subway to a workshop at the U.S. Conference of Mayors yesterday afternoon, “Page Six” tells us, when all of a sudden a charming busker called Daniel Scott appeared out of nowhere. A magical moment ensued:

Why don’t you sing something?” asked Bloomberg. He dropped a bill into Scott’s basket. Scott praised the mayor, “You are having an effect on the planet.” The whole car broke into applause. “Give him four more years,” shouted Scott. Bloomberg was all smiles. Scott got off at 14th Street without asking anyone else for money.

Okay, so let’s make sure we got this straight: A busker just happens to appear while the mayor is on his way to a conference on the subway — which, by the way, he doesn’t actually ride — he praises his environmental agenda, suggests his term be extended, and then mysteriously disappears without asking anyone else for money? We’re sorry, but we’re going to go ahead and call Bloomberg’s bluff on this one. The entire interaction reminds us of that part in Capote where he paid the porter on the train to say that his work changed his life. Did anyone see the size of the bill the mayor put in the basket? Or did anyone get a good look at the busker? Because it’s a good bet you would have recognized him from in a bit part on Law & Order or a car commercial is all we’re saying. Jeez, Bloomberg, that was low. What’s next, are you going to hire actors to pop out of hot-dog carts and yell that you should be president?

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Mysterious Busker Just ‘Happens’ to Serenade Bloomberg