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New Jersey Puppy Lauded for Heroic Actions


This morning, when we saw the furry face of New Jersey cockapoo Pawlee peering up from our newspaper, we thought it was just another wacky summer animal story written to fill space during the last, er, dog days of summer. But no. We underestimated Pawlee. He is not just a cute puppy with a cocked head and a fuzzly wuzzly head who did something adorable. He is a defender of humans, a protector of freedoms, a striker of fear into the hearts of creatures ten times his size! According to his owner, on Sunday afternoon, Pawlee frightened away a mother bear and two bear cubs who wandered into the backyard of the home where he lives, with naught but the strength of his bark.

The two cubs were so startled by Pawlee’s barking, they climbed a tree. The bruins eventually climbed down and followed their mom over a 4-foot fence before scattering into the woods.

The Post asked owner Fran Osiason to explain her puppy’s heroic actions. Did he harbor deep convictions against bears? Has he always been so brave? “Sometimes he’s a crazy little puppy,” Osiason said.

Wait a second. This is one of those wacky animal stories, isn’t it? Crap.

Bears Fear Plucky Pup
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New Jersey Puppy Lauded for Heroic Actions