New Real Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon Is All Over the Hamptons

Kelly Killoren

Photo: Getty Images

Celebs hit local hot spots this weekend: Paris Hilton at Lily Pond, Emmy Rossum at the Hamptons Fashion Show, Brooke Shields at a Hamptons magazine party, and Shaquille O’Neal at Heather. Newest Real Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon shares so much about her Hamptons lifestyle in her Post column: She asked Sam Talbot, chef at Montauk’s Surf Lodge, how to make a healthy chicken and pasta dish for her daughters! She was likened to a Playboy Bunny by Matthew Modine! She accused him of riding a bike only to look cute and European! Speaking of riding things, skateboard celeb Tony Hawk will do a fund-raiser here on August 10.

Bensimon also partied with the other Real Housewives of New York City at a Water Mill benefit for a school for orphans in Kenya. Low-key stylist Rachel Zoe badgered her clients Cameron Diaz and Sienna Miller into donating clothes to be sold at the Super Saturday benefit, and Donna Karan’s daughter Gabby wants to open a luxury hotel here. Paul McCartney, his new New York businesswoman girlfriend, Nancy Shevell, and Paul’s daughter Bea (with his freshly divorced wife Heather Mills) will supposedly be spending most of August here at Paul’s home … and poor mom Heather has “no say in it.” Ruth Kalb (a.k.a. Vered), arrested in May for serving wine without a license at her East Hampton art gallery, is back entertaining again, though it’s unclear if she wasn’t serving alcohol or if she’d gotten the license.

Celebrity wildlife biologist Jeff Corwin seems to agree with local animal experts that the Montauk Monster is merely a decomposing raccoon. (Too bad!) Hamptons newspaperman Dan Rattiner got married this weekend, but upstate, not in the Hamptons. Also in Rattiner news, he thinks that there isn’t enough medical care in Montauk given that it’s a surfing and sports haven. Speaking of which, a houseboat exploded in East Hampton, but the owner escaped to safety on his dinghy. Governor Paterson spoke at a Westhampton synagogue in support of an eruv (an area where you can do things on Sabbath you couldn’t do elsewhere) the temple wants to demarcate with plastic symbols on utility poles. The proposal’s getting some flack from locals. (Paterson also disclosed that he has a few hits of J-DNA.)

Finally, there’s tension between Hampton Bays town officials and the Shinnecock Indians over people’s right to walk across Shinnecock land to get to the beach. And Jerry Seinfeld, a sponsor of the local Hamptons Whalers baseball team, will reportedly throw the first pitch at an upcoming playoffs game.

New Real Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon Is All Over the Hamptons