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Olympic Committee Questions Ages of Infant Chinese Gymnasts

He Kexin: She’s a small wonder…Photo: Getty Images

Well, we NEVER: The International Olympic Committee has asked the International Gymnastics Federation to formally investigate the ages of two gold-medal-toting Chinese gymnasts, He Kexin and Yang Yilin, following new evidence that the completely prepubescent-looking girls may actually be 14 — two years under the legal age for competition. The IOC is actually questioning the integrity of a host country, and putting its gold medals under scrutiny? It takes some serious dirt to make that come to pass — and serious dirt there was. All it took to unearth it was a hacker, a blog, and a cause:

The widely publicised blog site by hacker “stryde.hax” has detailed documents found in search engine caches that suggest He Kexin’s real birth year to be 1994. All of the links to the documents have been rapidly disappearing from live sites, sparking concerns of internet censorship.

Concerns? Of censorship? Regarding top-secret Chinese Olympic stuff? Consider our eyebrows raised. Meanwhile, who IS this stryde.hax fellow? We suspect he’s an American patriot deep somewhere within the People’s Republic — most likely hiding out in a bunker, his walls covered in Nastia Liukin posters. We salute him.

IOC Wants Gymnasts’ Ages Investigated [Epoch Times via Radar]

Olympic Committee Questions Ages of Infant Chinese Gymnasts