Princess Diana Thought Rielle Hunter’s Fictional Sex Life Was Hilarious

Rielle Hunter

Rielle Hunter.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Princess Diana once read the dirty parts of Jay McInerney’s Rielle Hunter–inspired Story of My Life to guests at a London dinner party. Padma Lakshmi and the Top Chef crew are supposedly filming at Le Bernardin tonight. Wind-farm advocate and Giuliani adviser T. Boone Pickens says he warned Rudy not to promise to end the country’s dependence on foreign oil, but that Rudy went ahead and promised it anyway. Betsey Johnson says she once kissed Anna Nicole Smith. (During her skinny phase, in case you were wondering.) Carolina Herrera Jr. thinks that too many women try, and fail, to dress like the women in Sex and the City. Geraldo Rivera caught a tuna while sailing in the Hamptons. Wonder what that’s supposed to be a euphemism for.

Senator Evan Bayh, who is on the short list to become Barack Obama’s vice-president, is having difficulty getting into the exclusive Chevy Chase Club in Maryland because his wife has yelled at the staff a bunch of times. Jennifer Aniston’s agents at CAA were supposedly calling around trying to find guys who wanted to take her out, until she told them to tone down the matchmaking. Speaking of CAA, Michelle Obama is hosting a gay and lesbian benefit at the home of agent Bryan Lourd, and then another fund-raiser the same night at Samuel L. Jackson’s house. Kurt Cobain really hated Axl Rose because of his “macho persona.” Metallica front man James Hetfield pissed off his neighbors in Marin County by putting up a barbed-wire fence on his property, which has cut off access to hiking trails. Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr were “pretty hot and heavy” and “definitely not broken up,” according to a “spy” (probably his publicist). Former Bond Girl Britt Ekland thinks Nicole Kidman looks like a “painted doll” because of her Botox use. Forest Whitaker will emcee the U.S. Open’s 40th-anniversary party. John Cusack wrote a piece for the Huffington Post Chicago about his love of the Cubs, though it included a ton of factual errors. Cindy Adams says there’s a book coming out about how Bill Blythe, the man who Clinton always believed is his father, isn’t.

Princess Diana Thought Rielle Hunter’s Fictional Sex Life Was Hilarious