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Republicans Consider Delaying Convention

Does not hold up in heavy winds. Photo: Getty Images

Hurricane Gustav has GOP planners so concerned that they’ve considered delaying the start of the Republican National Convention next week, reports the Washington Post. The concern is serious enough that the White House is considering canceling George Bush’s opening speech on Monday. Gustav, which formed at the beginning of this week as a category-1 hurricane, could potentially grow to category 3 and has already killed 23 people in the Caribbean. It’s estimated it will hit the Gulf Coast early next week. From the Post:

For Bush and Republican presidential candidate John McCain, Gustav threatens to provide an untimely reminder of Hurricane Katrina. A new major storm along the Gulf Coast would renew memories of one of the low points of the Bush administration, while pulling public attention away from McCain’s formal coronation as the GOP presidential nominee. Senior Republicans said images of political celebration in the Twin Cities while thousands of Americans flee a hurricane could be dubious.

And Republicans are the ones who always say they have God on their side.

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Republicans Consider Delaying Convention