Ruth Vered Explains Why It’s Crucial to Serve Alcohol at Gallery Openings

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Forget the Montauk Monster. The real mystery in the Hamptons this summer is the white line that someone has painted all the way from Montauk to Hampton Bays. Why, and what does it mean? And in what appears to be the second murder-suicide in East Hampton in a year, a man shot his wife of 41 years, police say, before he shot himself in their $2.3 million house.

Meanwhile, East Hampton gallery owner Ruth Vered, who was arrested for serving wine without a permit at an opening earlier this summer, says it’s easier to get people to drop $100,000 on a piece of art if they’re not sober. Jay McInerney and his wife hosted a benefit “for people with intellectual disabilities around the world who are routinely misjudged and ignored.” And speaking of misjudged: Top Chef star Sam Talbot, who cooks at the trendy Surf Lodge in Montauk, quotes Marilyn Monroe in explaining why he wants to be known for his cooking and not just as a sex object.

The daughters of Mayor Bloomberg, Bruce Springsteen, Steven Spielberg, and Lou Dobbs will compete in the 33rd Annual Hamptons Classic Horse Show, with Dobbs’s daughter chasing illegal immigrants away on her horse. (JK, Monday humor!) Christie Brinkley and Terry McMillan bopped at a concert Aretha Franklin gave at the Ross School for an $80,000 scholarship in her name. Franklin told kids there to stay in school.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon says that she and Brooke Shields hit it off in the Hamptons because they both went to Ivy League schools and they’re “both all-American girls.”

British writer Toby Young, naked in this picture save a copy of his book How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, laments that writers can’t afford to rent a house in Sag Harbor anymore. Meanwhile, importantly, the daughter of German royalty and the ubiquitous Real Housewife Countess LuAnn de Lesseps were among the hundreds who showed up at dusk at Sagg Main Beach in Sagaponack for the latest Brazilian drumming circle, “a rich people’s Woodstock.” Also, The English Beat played a benefit at Surf Lodge.

Some Montauk folks are upset that a nature preserve is being used as a beach on weekends. And six years ago this past weekend, publicist Lizzie Grubman pleaded guilty to charges after she injured sixteen people in a hit-and-run crash leaving a Hamptons club.

Local real-estate brokers have different opinions as to whether the market here will pick up in September.

Sotheby’s will preview $120.8 million worth of new Damien Hirst artwork in Bridgehampton and New Delhi this week. Gilligan’s Island icon Tina Louise gallivanted around here recently. And as this video proves, a polo match was canceled but Katie Lee Joel and other fabulous Hamptons people bravely partied on as their summer idyll sadly wanes and they face the stress and gravitas of Fashion Week back in the brutal city.

Ruth Vered Explains Why It’s Crucial to Serve Alcohol at Gallery Openings