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Sam Waksal Is Still in the Favoritism Business

Sam Waksal

Sam Waksal.Photo: Getty Images

Remember when ImClone founder Sam Waksal got thrown in jail for doing himself a favor and dumping $10 million of his own company’s stock when he heard that the FDA was not going to approve his cancer drug? It was actually the favor that he paid Martha Stewart — telling her to dump her own shares, which eventually landed her in the clink — that made the most headlines. Well, it looks like he’s back in the favor-exchange game. Waksal was just released from jail and is now living out of a halfway house in the Bronx, which isn’t exactly the kind of New York City lifestyle a wealthy entrepreneur like him is used to (his drug was finally approved, by the way). But Waksal somehow manages to avoid spending too much time with his fellow ex-cons, the Post reports. Staff at the Bronx Community Re-Entry Center cleared out the reception area for him when he checked in, and warned other residents that they can’t talk to the press about him. As always, that worked out very well — a source has already ratted to the tabloid that Waksal was released for a weekend furlough in the city. Still, Waksal is trying to stay grounded as he serves the rest of his sentence. He came back to the halfway house on Sunday toting a bag from Smythson — which, as everyone knows, is the preferred stationery for prison diaries.

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Sam Waksal Is Still in the Favoritism Business