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Soho Knows ‘Rod Stewart Loves the Hamptons’

Rod Stewart Loves the Hamptons

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East Tremont: Ronney Vargas, an up-and-coming Bronx boxer, was shot dead after a dispute (over girls flirting with him) outside a bodega this weekend. Sad. What a shame. [NYDN via West Bronx Blog]

East Village: Ha-ha, have you guys seen the work of this artist Dan Witz, who paints optical illusions of, like, creatures trapped behind grates and then mounts them on the façades of “Ugly New Buildings”? You’re gonna laugh probably! [EV Grieve]

Flatbush: Watch this funny video clip of two stand-ins for Blake Lively and Leighton Meester shoot a Gossip Girl fight scene between Blair and Serena, with this Victorian standing in for a house in the Hamptons. Half the hood turned out to watch the shoot! [Flatbush Vegan via Curbed]

Hudson Square: Someone is tagging “Rod Stuart [sic] Loves the Hamptons” all over the hood, including on ads for the latest American Apparel store, but we can’t quite figure out why, and a quick Google search can’t even confirm whether the tag’s claim about the aging rocker is true. [Rod Stuart Loves the Hamptons via Curbed]

Inwood: This is a very charming paean to the neighborhood, apparently by one of the very proto-hipsters that will ruin its charm, but the best part is the pic of the corner of “Seaman” and “Cumming” Streets. No lie, morenos, it exists up here! [Bubbler via Manhattan’s Peak]
Red Hook: Mobs of early-morning commuters wait and wait for the reviled-yet-relied-upon B61 buses every morning because their drivers hang out in a coffee klatsch at Ikea. So this blogger alleges, with picture to try to prove it. [Lost NYC]
Williamsburg: So all these hipsters dressed up as pandas for a Union Square happening called a Pandamonium and then converged on the hood via the L train, where the police pounced on them and stole their bamboo chews. Watch the video where some hipsterette keeps yelling, “Fucking bastards!” This is confusing; we thought panda was the term for kinda chunky gay Asian bear-type guys. [Gothamist]

Soho Knows ‘Rod Stewart Loves the Hamptons’