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Someone Stole Chace Crawford’s Pretty Face

Chace Crawford

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The video dating Website has been running advertisements featuring the gorgeous mug of Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, telling visitors they can “meet guys and girls near you.” “OMG! Chace lives near us! Does that mean we can meet him??” many ladies (okay, men) in the actor’s Chelsea neighborhood must have wondered. Unfortunately, no, it doesn’t. Because the Website was using Chace’s image without his permission. His publicist contacted the owners, and they took the image down, claiming to the Daily News that they had merely “used a picture that had been uploaded to our site by one of our users, which we mistook for a real user.” Um, yeah. That’s about as believable as the time Jenny claimed she just happened to find that Valentino dress — which belonged to Hazel’s mom — at a thrift shop. Come on, everyone in America knows that wind-defying hair hat exists in one place and one place only — on Nate Archibald’s head. A random person on a dating Website with Eric van der Woodsen’s hair? Now that we would believe.

OMG! Meet ‘Gossip Girl’ star Chace Crawford online! Or not [NYDN]

Someone Stole Chace Crawford’s Pretty Face