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Staten Island Teen Has Drinking Problem, Infiniti

Photo: Courtesy of Infiniti

We kind of love the NYPD crime blotter in the Post … crime logs in general, actually. They’re like the Times Metropolitan Diary in that they give you little glimpses into the lives of everyday people, only all the stories end with violence or loss, and you feel terrible and frightened instead of smug and life-affirmed. Witness today’s story of an incident that happened in Staten Island: It was dark. A dude was carrying a case of Heineken back from the deli when he was approached by 19-year-old Grigory Korstyshevsky.
“Give me a beer,” Korstyshevsky said.
“Okay,” the guy said, and gave him one.

But that was not enough.

No, give me all of them,” Korstyshevsky said.

Then, of course, the guy was like, “No,” whereupon Korstyshevsky whacked him with a belt and buckle, swiped the six-pack and drove away in his white Infiniti.

It didn’t take police to long to find him: The white Infiniti was a dead giveaway, of course, as was the fact that Korstyshevsky was putting his belt back on by the side of the road, and it was only a few blocks away. Plus, a lone bottle of Heineken sat perched on his trunk. Cops say he “flailed his arms and tightened his body” in an attempt to avoid being taken into custody. Now that is a slice of life.

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Staten Island Teen Has Drinking Problem, Infiniti